Chat System

A simple, convenient, and quick communication channel with website visitors with guaranteed message delivery and elements of artificial intelligence


  • Correspondence and sending of images, audio files, and emojis;
  • Input and transformation of voice messages into text and their search;
  • Guaranteed delivery of email responses (when the tab is closed);
  • Determination of the visitor’s location (region) by IP address;
  • Use of response templates and “hotkeys”;
  • Correspondence between operators and administrators;
  • Evaluation of operator performance and viewing of dialogue history;
  • Comprehensive analytics and communication statistics;
  • Flexible administration and management.

Our clients

The system is suitable for organizations and communities operating popular websites where it is necessary to create a convenient, fast, manageable, and secure communication environment with the audience and to promote published information.


  • Increased speed and level of customer support;
  • Expansion of the audience through popular tools for real-time communication;
  • Quick setup, effective analysis of operator performance;
  • Increased convenience through speech-to-text algorithms and search capabilities;
  • Increased sales and promotion of goods and services through widgets.
Acquisition and support
+7 (495) 822-16-41


Operation and support
500 rubles
per user per month
Adaptation and development
are calculated separately

System architecture