Messenger System

The corporate system for reliable, fast and secure communication and information


  • Exchanging texts, audio and media messages;
  • Editing, quoting, forwarding, and deleting messages;
  • Supporting group interactions and information channels;
  • Search for users and manage their contacts;
  • Adjusting profile parameters;
  • Integration with various corporate systems such as email, user directories and similar systems.

Our clients

Designed to cater to medium and large enterprises across industries, Teletype is positioned as a dependable, rapid, and secure tool for corporate communication and information exchange.


  • Protection of sensitive business data by maintaining the confidentiality of information involved in key organizational processes;
  • Fostering a cohesive communication environment by facilitating the seamless exchange of extensive data volumes.
Acquisition and support
+7 (495) 822-16-41


Operation and support
500 rubles
per user per month
Adaptation and development
are calculated separately

System architecture