The company’s scope of competence includes services and solutions for comprehensive support of government and departmental projects and programs, including scientific research, development, implementation and maintenance of automated systems, publishing and advertising activities, content production, and computer graphics.

Corporate accounting and analytical systems

The corporate accounting and analytical system is a flexible modular platform called Molnet.Corp., aimed at automating and managing the business processes of government and municipal agencies, as well as state and commercial enterprises. The solution has powerful analytical and integration capabilities, and also supports working with large databases and file repositories, providing access to data through web and specialized mobile applications.

Portal solutions and Public web systems

The implementation of portal projects includes designing the information and functional architecture, developing designs and interfaces, software, information and technical support, subsequent implementation, support, promotion, advertising, and system improvement.

The technological basis is the software and hardware platform Molnet.portal. The system is a multi-component, cluster-resistant platform that provides flexible management, administration and portal operation analysis capabilities, information and feedback functions, provision of electronic services, integration with social networks, mobile version (mobile applications), and simultaneous operation of sections in multiple languages.

Audit and Consulting

The company’s many years of experience in the comprehensive modernization of various public, corporate and information systems of government and commercial enterprises allow for the use of this experience in conducting customer information system surveys and preparing recommendations for their modernization and development, as well as developing methods and forms of controlling and analyzing processes, enhancing overall efficiency, and optimizing enterprise activities.

Production of video, advertising, 3D models and computer graphics

To support the implementation of projects, the company provides a full range of film and video production services: from creative development and scripting to the use of a full range of camera equipment and post-production activities, editing, computer graphics, and the creation and animation of 3D models.

Research and publishing, electronic libraries

The company’s staff includes 5 doctors and 5 candidates in various fields of scientific knowledge who are actively involved in scientific and publishing activities. In many cases, all necessary procedures for publishing and typographic preparation of materials are carried out within the organization’s network perimeter. This is an important direction of our activity, and we are proud to provide relevant comprehensive technological solutions for the organization of public and corporate electronic libraries.

Intelligent electronics

The company has practical experience in the development and mass production of intelligent electronics, encompassing the full spectrum of all necessary competencies: from initial technical requirements for equipment, design and production of its boards, cases, and packaging, acquiring components, developing design documentation, producing and conducting laboratory testing of small-scale batches, developing application software, providing delivery, maintenance, and support for large-scale production. One key feature is the incorporation of intelligent algorithms into equipment in order to significantly enhance its performance and consumer properties.