Strategy System

The Strategy System is an intelligent system for building digital twins of complex systems, simulating the dynamics of their development, and searching for the optimal strategy to transform them into an achievable target state


  • Analysis of large sets of statistical data on the state of systems;
  • Factor analysis and identification of trends and patterns in their behavior;
  • Regression and variance analysis of vectors of key control factors in a complex system;
  • Analysis of target development indicators and comprehensive assessment of the current state of the system;
  • Formation of digital twins and simulation modeling of various development scenarios for the system;
  • Evaluation of risks in implementing specific strategies and confidence intervals of forecasts;
  • Development of an optimal strategy and resource plan for transforming the system into an achievable target state.

Our clients

For large enterprises, extensive government structures and institutions, as well as economic districts and regions in the implementation of long-term strategic and socio-economic development tasks.


The system will achieve specific economic results: growth in budget revenues, wages, investments in fixed capital, increased labor productivity, and real improvement in economic parameters through:

  • Identifying lagging processes that slow down the socio-economic development of the managed system;
  • Identifying growth points and processes of forward-looking economic development;
  • Building achievable transformation strategies for the system to reach its target state;
  • Quantitative assessment of the resources required to implement the strategy.
Acquisition and support
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Installation of basic version
6 million rubles
Adaptation and development
are calculated separately

System architecture